Meet the Team

10decoders offers React, Angular, Python & Node developers with solid industry experience in Kubernetes + AWS EKS. We help startups & enterprises to build high quality web & mobile apps in cloud.


To be recognized as a customer focused and people driven organization that consistently delivers exceptional software solutions to meet client requirements.


Enhance customer experience by providing innovative and optimal software solution in shortest time to market at reasonable pricing

Our Team

Meet the Industry experts with hands on experience in React, Angular, Python & Node. Certified developers with solid cloud native framework experience will help deliver high quality solutions.


Constantly striving to achieve customer satisfaction thorough clients valuable feedback.


Ensuring the right methodology and process is practised to stay at par with the industry.


Recruiting, training and developing passionate team members and retaining top talents.

Scalable Dynamic Teams

Delivering the right skills at the right time throughout the project and in the right amount, on-demand.

Continual Skills Development

On a project or not, team members are always looking for new ideas,approaches, techniques and tools so our teams can leverage them for our clients.


Having new ideas and the right people, we make informed decisions to help clients, implement ideas and be accountable for the same.