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About 10decoders Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

10Decoders Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd is a highly energetic & self-motivated team with a zeal to conquer technology. As a modern organization, we operate on startup culture and follow agile practices that lay a strong foundation for our delivery. Commitment to delivery has been our strength, thus enabling us to successfully compete in the industry.

Our Team

Dwelling on strong technical skills, 10Decoders has executed various consulting assignments in enterprise, web and mobile application development. Without leaving the legacy behind, we continue to explore and establish strong foundation in technology such as InterSystems Cache. Team's functional expertise consists of both certified professionals and domain experts being the backbone of excellence in delivery

Our Vision & Mission


Establish a strong brand for IT services , focus on our employees and deliver high quality solutions for our customers.


We work hard to bring customer dreams to life.

Our Values

Scalable Dynamic Teams: Delivering the right skills at the right time throughout the project and in the right amount, on-demand.

Continual Skills Development: On a project or not, team members are always looking for new ideas,approaches, techniques and tools so our teams can leverage them for our clients.

Leadership: Having new ideas and the right people, we make informed decisions to help clients, implement ideas and be accountable for the same.

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