10Decoders Software Solutions can provide you with a simplified, user-friendly, content management system that enables you to keep your website up-to-date, round the clock. We provide our customers with a wide option of content management systems ranging from Drupal, Kentico, Umbraco, Mura CMS, and Wordpress, to suit the needs of a marketer, content writer, IT services, or website developer. The respective modules allow for the effective management of the same.

The robust, secure software application allows you to publish, edit, update, organize, or delete content, images, videos, tables, hyperlinks, blogs, web pages and sections or sub-sections on requirement. Our system enables you to take care of e-commerce and make real-time updates by easily interfacing with your existing systems and applications.

Business needs addressed

  • Enable creation of a full-fledged website, if needed with e-commerce functionalities that can have updates in real-time
  • Provide an interface that can be used by a marketing department for modifying existing website

  • Compatibility with other existing systems

Features and benefits

  • Easy creation of pages

    Enables you to create pages in moments without needing code. Build your content, preview it across devices, and publish right away

  • Fully-customizable design

    CMS can be used to easily and effectively customize the look and feel of your web pages

  • Web-based platform

    By having a web-based GUI, publishers can gain access to the CMS online through any web browser.

  • Content optimization

    Being a very intuitive system, our CMS not only allows you to publish, edit, delete, or organize content, but also to optimize it for search engines by integration with analytics by adding search-friendly URLs, content tagging and categorization

  • Digital asset management

    Enables you to upload, manage, access, and share digital assets (like word documents, PDF files, photographs etc) from anywhere with your customers at the click of a mouse!

  • Digital marketing tools

    Built-in ecommerce, email marketing, social media, landing page management and cross-channel delivery tools

  • Faster updates

    By using latest technologies, the CMS system enables you to rapidly build your content and keep it up to date at desktop speed

  • Mobile websites

    Provides you with the capability to make your websites available on mobile devices. This guarantees same branding for people who view across devices. The preview functions allows for adjustments before go-live

  • Version Control

    Allows the user to backup all content including revisions, and import the version information as needed. This tool makes it possible to migrate all information from one system to another, for instance to change the underlying repository or database without losing version information

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