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Healthcare Services

With increase in the endeavour to Improve Patient care, reduce cost and optimize outcomes, the role of software companies has become indispensable in the Healthcare sector. 10Decoders has worked with leading healthcare IT providers in US who build products for the providers to use in day to day life which in turn facilitates cost containment, patient-centered care and enhanced care delivery.

With the use of emerging technologies, we address key issues catering to solutions for dynamic needs and gain meaningful insights across the healthcare industry.Switching health IT systems becomes easier as all the data is stored in FHIR servers, which are vendor neutral.

Our Offerings

Our health care services consists of the following services –

  • Web Application Development
  • FHIR Consulting Services

  • Mobile Applications
  • End to End Product Development
  • Healthcare Voice Assistant and AI Solution
  • Consulting Services

  • Quality Assurance

Our Experience

Clinical Documentation

  • Its an online web application used by physician, nurses to detail a medical treatment or clinical tests. Clinical documentation is used to facilitate inter-provider communication, allow evidence-based healthcare systems to automate decisions, provide evidence for legal records and create patient registry functions so public health agencies can manage and research large patient populations more efficiently

Medical Reconciliation

  • A web application to add / reconcile medicines taken by a patient by the physician or the nurses. This application helps in physician’s preventing harm arising out of ineffective communication of medication information. Our team played a key role in developing and integrating technical solutions to support medical reconciliation application with the existing applications

Wolters Kluwer Database

  • For people in healthcare, specifically for technology people dealing with healthcare clients in US, understanding and using systems which interacts with WK Database is a must and we as a team have worked on understanding and handling complex Databases such as WK.

FHIR Consulting

  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is aimed at enhancing the potential of sharing medical data. FHIR encourages fast integration by third party vendors while allowing extendibility to support individual specifications. Resources can be searched using various parameters, like a Google search, using REST commands which saves time by fetching only the relevant data instead of the whole message. Many of the top EMR companies have committed to provide interfaces that support FHIR connectivity. 10Decoders is positioned to develop FHIR-based apps and interfaces for organizations to provide clinical information internally and to exchange data across organizational boundaries Many of the FHIR-based apps being developed today focus on presenting clinical information to providers, helping to provide insight and improve care. As we continue to evolve, we need to custom patients to better understand their health data, and engage patients in managing their own health and well-being.
  • FHIR integration and SMART on FHIR applications are enabling a new age of clinical interoperability, allowing the industry to bypass some of the old barriers which we expertise in.

Voice Assistant

  • Voice assistants comes handy in health care for retriving the the data expeditiously. We have expertise skills in voice applications and the one we accomplished in healthcare, Manages appointments of physcian by confirming or denying the presence of the patient, retrieves the case history of the patient rapidly (Eg: allergic drugs, checking vitals) and also assists patients during appointments.
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