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It is no longer an option to target mobile users for your business. Today it has become more of a standard practice to capitalize on business opportunities presented by the burgeoning mobile user market. Business presence these days has become compulsory through mobile applications that could be accessed anytime by your prospective consumers. Having a strong mobile app translates into better market penetration and sustainable competitive edge for your business

Get innovative designs and user friendly mobile applications developed via 10Decoders that perfectly demonstrate your business goals. Benefit from the vision of a complete team of experts that have the ability to propagate your real business image through strategic mobile application development

Mobile application development with Us

At 10Decoders, we have been providing these set of services to our vast and versatile clientele-

  • iPhone / iPad Development
  • Android App Development
  • Windows App Development

  • Cross Platform Development


Our Specialty

Some features make us excel as a mobile app development company, thanks to the vast wealth of experience we have at 10Decoders to serve your business. Our strong service portfolio reflects unique industry based experience in integrating following features -

  • Near Field Communication (NFC)

    This functionality makes accessing information convenient and facilitates exchange of information across devices placed only a few centimeters apart

  • Augmented Reality

    We have industry based experience in turning your simple mobile app into augmented reality application. We do this by overlaying an augmented layer over the virtual one through SDK tools

  • Beacons

    Your business will get immense personal tone and right customer recognition when beacons are integrated by 10Decoders into your mobile app. it will let you recognize, reward and interact with your loyal clients and construct a positive brand image

    If you don’t have a mobile app or want to get the above mentioned features integrated into your existing mobile app, call 10Decoders today and our team will be happy to craft your success story on the mobile app space

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