Empower Your Laboratory with Cutting-Edge LIMS Solutions.

Embrace the future of laboratory management with seamless automation and collaboration with 10decoders!

At 10decoders, we bring you cutting-edge solutions in Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) that revolutionize the way laboratories operate, collaborate, and innovate. With our extensive expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of LIMS services designed to streamline your laboratory processes, enhance data integrity, and foster seamless integration with other essential healthcare systems.

Enhance Efficiency! Boost Collaboration! Elevate Data Integrity!

Our Solutions

Key Features of Our LIMS Solutions

Integration with EMR and EHR Systems

Bridge the gap between laboratory and healthcare systems, enabling enhanced collaboration and data exchange.

Procurement and Materials Tracking

Optimize resource utilization with automated inventory management and streamlined procurement processes.


Effortlessly generate customized reports, visualizing trends and extracting valuable insights from your data.

Workflow Management

Organize and enhance laboratory workflows, from collection to analysis, for seamless processes.

Sample Tracking

Precise real-time sample tracking to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your laboratory operations.

Why Choose Us

For Your LIMS Needs

Customization for Your Workflow

Our LIMS solutions are tailored to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows, enhancing efficiency without disrupting your processes.

Dedication to Excellenceb

From implementation to ongoing support, expect a dedicated partnership focused on your success.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our team comprises seasoned experts in LIMS development and implementation, ensuring that you receive solutions that are both reliable and cutting-edge.

Data Security and Compliance

With our LIMS solutions, your data is not only managed efficiently but is also safeguarded with the highest standards of security and compliance, meeting industry regulations seamlessly.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our proven track record in integrating LIMS with EMR and EHR systems translates to improved collaboration and data exchange across healthcare units, fostering comprehensive patient care.

Our Benefits

Benefits of Choosing Our LIMS Solutions

Increased Efficiency

Automation reduces errors and saves time, boosting the overall efficiency of your lab operations.

Enhanced Data Integrity

Maintain data integrity throughout the entire laboratory process, ensuring reliable results.

Compliance and Security

Adherence to industry standards ensures regulatory compliance and top-tier data security.

Tailored Solutions

Our customizable LIMS adapts to your unique requirements, enhancing its effectiveness for your lab.

Improved Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate across healthcare units through EMR and EHR integration for comprehensive patient care.


How it Works?


We delve into your laboratory needs, understanding existing processes, challenges, and unique requirements.


Tailoring our LIMS to seamlessly integrate into your workflows, ensuring enhanced efficiency without disruption.

Integration Excellence

Leveraging our proven track record, we seamlessly integrate LIMS with EMR and EHR systems, fostering improved collaboration and comprehensive patient care.

Security Assurance

Our LIMS efficiently manages data and prioritizes top-tier security and compliance, ensuring seamless adherence to industry regulations.

Dedicated Partnership

Expect a dedicated partnership focused on your laboratory’s success from initial implementation to ongoing support.